Antoni Guasch Petit


+34 93 405 4427

Academic Staff

Antoni Guash is a research engineer specializing in the Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Dynamic Systems, especially in the simulation of discrete and continuous events of industrial processes. He is a doctor of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and a specialized professor in the departments of Systems Engineering, Automation and Industrial Computing. He has led more than 40 projects for the aerospace, nuclear, textile, steel, automotive, transport and mobility sectors. Professor Guasch has been a visiting professor at the State University of California in 1990. He currently directs the development of tooPath, a system for tracking mobile devices. The core of this tracking system is used in a web service developed in inLab for Alstom and that monitors the position and speed of high-speed trains in Spain and monitors its alarms.