Aplicaciones de diseño de redes de transporte


Urban transport deals with the design of public transport networks, as well as the logistical problems of the vehicle fleet management, such as the definition of transport routes and lines, and the operational problems related to the departure times of the vehicles. The main novelty in this project in contrast to other similar projects resides in the inclusion of aspects related to the robustness of the solutions in terms of the data in the models. In addition, the planning and design stages of the system are integrated in a way that the relationships between the outputs and inputs of the modules are related in a robust way. Project TRA2008-06782-C02-02, subproject UPC within Proyecto Coordinado, led by Dr. Ángel Marín Gracia (UPM) and in collaboration with UPM, UPC, UCLM.

Enero, 2009 to Diciembre, 2011
MICINN Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación
Equipo participante IMP