Secure GENomic information COMpression (GENCOM)


The objectives of the project are the specification, design, implementation and validation of an optimal compression system for genomic information that guarantees security and privacy.
This project is coordinated by the UPC, with a subproject at the UB (Universitat de Barcelona) with participants from the BSC (Barcelona Supercomputing Center).
In particular, the project is:
-    Developing security and privacy mechanisms to be included into genomic information formats and proposing them to its international standardization in MPEG-G.
-    Developing mechanisms for efficient representation of, compression of, and access to genomic information, again to be contributed to MPEG-G standardization. Metadata is used as a powerful tool for these purposes.
-    Specifying an API (Application Programming Interface) to facilitate development of systems accessing to genomic information. Contributing to the standards group producing MPEG-G is also done.
-    Integrating different standards initiatives, further than MPEG-G, in the area of genomic information to contribute wherever it is convenient with the project results, mainly in terms of security and privacy, metadata and APIs.
-    Defining privacy and security mechanisms for other kind of information formats, like JPEG images and medical records. 

January, 2016 - September, 2019
Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (TEC2015-67774-C2-1-R)
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Daniel Naro
Marco Mattavelli