TINTIN (A Tool for INcremental INTegrity checking of Assertions in SQL Server) is a tool to generate, automatically, the necessary code to check SQL assertions. The tool is easy to use. The user only has to insert into TINTIN the parameters to connect to the database and the assertions that he wishes to enforce. From this point onwards, the user only has to execute the safeCommit procedure at the end of every transaction to ensure that it will only execute if none of the assertions are violated. If there is a violation, safeCommit informs the user of which tuples violate which assertions.

Eina Tintin

Internally, TINTIN implements a method for incrementally checking the integrity constraints. An incremental integrity constraint checking method only checks restrictions for the data involved in an insertion/deletion of tuples, and only for those constraints that the insertion/deletion may violate. The incremental methods for integrity constraint checking guarantee considerably better exeuction times than non-incremental methods. This is due to the fact that the number of inserted/deleted tuples is usually much lower that the total number of tuples in the information system.

You can find more information and download the tool from http://www.essi.upc.edu/~xoriol/tintin/.



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